Danish Trading Maskinhandel occurred in 2010 when the idea was trading with oil and oil waste from the shipping industry, but was later restructured to deal with machines and tanks, and not least of all production facilities and factories.

The idea was to establish an honest and real trading business centrally located in the country where you can buy and sell production equipment at well below the price of new equipment.

In 2012 bought Danish Trading Maskinhandel the property on Vindebjergvej 16A in Harndrup to have a place to store and refurbish machinery and equipment. There we have a 3.600 m2 warehouse and a 48.000 m2 lot for larger equipment.

Danish Trading Maskinhandel is in the last few years started making some agitators, to our customers satisfaction. So if you need a mixer, we can certainly produce a cheap mixer from some used components, or a completely new mixer - exactly tailored to your needs.

Furthermore, we have in recent years tailored some very nice production lines - based on second-hand tanks, which we switched inlet and outlets, agitators and hatches on.

Danish Trading Maskinhandel buys and sells used industrial equipment, such as tanks, pumps, screw conveyors, mixers, disssolvers, centrifuges, decanters, cooling equipment etc.

We buy both from the food industry, color - paint industry, workshops and various other industrial areas.

We later bought 65 used stainless acid-proof 20 m3 tanks in Sjælland, which can now be seen at our place in Harndrup on Funen.

Last year we acquired the effects from a larger color - paint business in Brøndby, which was part dissolvers, tanks, a larger cathodic burning plant for solvent vapors, and a larger cooling system that had only been in operation for one year.

We have also delivered 27 tanks for a major food producer in Sjælland last year, and has just started to upgrade 16 pcs. of acid-resistant stainless steel tanks with agitators for a major food manufacturer in Jutland. Furthermore, we are very good at building agitators, and changing the tanks according to our customers needs.

There are always several hundred tanks in stock that can be viewed in our place in Harndrup by appointment.

You are always welcome to call with any equipment you would like to see, or that you lack in your production
Thomas Bro - tel. +45 30 333 666 - or look at the website

There is the opportunity to inspect the warehouse of 48,000 sqm in Harndrup where you leisurely can find just the special tank or machine you are looking for.

It is also planned to rent out part of the land in Harndrup where there presently is a warehouse of 1,000 m3 that is divided into three rentals, and part of the outdoor areas are also for rent.